I commissioned Louis Parsons to produce me a Soalscape which was unique to me, but reflected my drivers in life.  Different people will see and interpret the image differently and I hope that you do.  The outline of the brief was that the human figure in the centre is looking to the future, the light in the distance has 3 planets of different colours and size.  Each is very different and are three choices in my future.  The small planet represents starting my own business, the larger planet represents me joining a large organisation and the middle planet is me staying where I am and developing my education and experience.  It also represents my feeling that there is always a big picture view to be considered.

Set all of this in the context of my surname and hence the water theme. The riding through a wave represents the challenges of life and heading along the waterway (path) to these planets. There is chance of rough times if the wave crashes. The water in the centre is calm and there are many calm ripples. These are good memories of life so far which will gently remind me of the past and how I have got here.

Whichever planet I chose, there will always be three more planets to venture towards in the future. We should all be aspiring to move forward and keep the experiences flowing.